Daihatsu e-Smart Hybrid. How to calculate the power?

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Apr 2023

Addendum to the article: "Typology of Japanese hybrids"

The e-Smart introduced by Daihatsu in 2021 is the second Japanese series hybrid system after the Nissan e-Power. The only model currently available with this scheme is the Daihatsu Rocky, which is built on the DNGA platform, and its rebadged version is sold as Toyota Raize (also is exported as Perodua Ativa Hybrid).

Model code5AA-A202S/A202A
Combustion engineWA-VEX
Engine displacement1196 cm3
Engine power60 kW (82 PS) / 5600 rpm
Engine torque105 Nm / 3200-5200 rpm
Traction motorE1A
Traction motor power78 kW (106 PS) / 4372-6329 rpm
Traction motor torque170 Nm / 0-4372 rpm
System voltage600V
Transmission ratio10.939
High voltage batteryLi-Ion 4.3Ah 177.6V

The "30-minute" power output cannot be determined as models with the e-Smart system were not sold in the European market.

The rated power value was not specified by the manufacturer, and was not published by government organizations.

The e-Smart system is a series-type hybrid, the wheels are driven solely by the electric motor, and there is no mechanical connection between the engine and the wheels. Therefore, the power values of the internal combustion engine and the traction motor cannot be summed up.

The new Rocky has adopted a series hybrid system that uses electricity generated by a gasoline engine to drive the vehicle. By using the engine exclusively for generating electricity, the new hybrid system has achieved a simple structure and compact size. Additionally, its 100%-electric motor drive makes this hybrid system strong in low- to medium-speed driving and thus ideal for small cars, which are most frequently used in urban driving.

Therefore, the tax base for such vehicles should be based on the power of the engine or the electric motor, whichever is greater.

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