RAV4. Safety not for all

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Nov-Dec 2019

The start of the new RAV4 local sales caused a storm of emotions and discussions in the local automotive community, which mainly concern the declared cost. But the other fact demonstrates the real attitude of TMMR towards their customers even brighter than the figures in the price-list.

"... and a whole pack of active safety systems (road signs recognition, adaptive cruise control, pre-collision control with pedestrians recognition function, road lane control system and automatic high beam)..."

This idea appears in every article and every video. But the reviewers, with rare exceptions, for some reason ignore a most important detail:

• Russian market. Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 is not available for all trim grades, except the top versions ($35.000+).

However, the catch can not be noticed - if you don't know about RAV4 specs for any civilized markets.

• Europe. TSS is a standard equipment for all grades ($27.000-50.000).

• USA. TSS is a standard equipment for all grades ($26.000-35.000).

• Australia. TSS is a standard equipment for all grades ($24.000-37.000).

• Japan. TSS is a standard equipment for all grades ($25.000-37.000).

• China. TSS is a standard equipment for all grades ($25.000-37.000).

Thus, for all significant and civilized markets, TSS 2.0 is an integral part of the vehicle. But then, especially for emergency markets ("third world"), Toyota creates modifications with a removed active safety system. Although the gain is rather small - the top-markets give the overwhelming majority of RAV4 sales (sometime US sales per month are twice more than the local per year).

A brief description of Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 functions, that will not be available for the majority of ru-customers.

PCS - Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection / frontal collision warning system, uses camera and radar, warns the driver and engages the brakes, if necessary.

DRCC - Dynamic Radar Cruise Control / cruise control with the function of maintaining the distance to the leading vehicle at whole speed range.

RSA - Road Sign Assist / recognition of road signs.

LDA - Lane Departure Alert / uses the camera for recognition the lane markings and road curbs to warn the driver.

LTA - Lane Tracing Assist / lane keeping function using electric power steering to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane.

AHB - Automatic High Beams / the headlight automatically switches from high to low beam if the camera recognizes other cars lights.

SWS - driver fatigue monitoring system.

And non-mandatory options:

BSM - Blind Spot Monitor

RCTA - Rear Crossing Traffic Alert

A little manipulation can be found in the official brochure (we not even mention the absence of the "if equipped" footnotes) - EuroNCAP and five stars.

But EuroNCAP evaluated normal euro-spec, where the ADAS functions are standard equipment.

As a result, Toyota wins twice. On the one hand, it's a penny saving (at the time when the first TSS appeared, it was declared as a "low-cost option" just for $300-500). On the other hand, it's a way to enforce a potential buyer to purchase the top version (if he doesn't like dashes in the safety section of the equipment list). Alas, the old tradition - "you have to pay for security!" - it works in various fields.

p.s. It seemed to us that to position standard for the West solutions as the expensive hi-tec is possible only in the society of savages. But local Toyota really made it... apparently, they know their clients quite well.

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