Toyota all-wheel drive. Lexus NX350

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Oct 2021

At the presentation of the Lexus NX 2nd generation in June, Toyota announced that the version with A25A-FKS will be equipped with conventional all-wheel drive, while the turbo version with T24A-FTS will receive a "newly-developed, electronically-controlled full-time AWD" which "constantly varies the front/rear driving force distribution from 75:25 to 50:50".

For three months, net communities speculated about this unexpected innovation - after all, Toyota has long abandoned full-time AWD for FF-models. But in September, all the technical details were revealed, and the obscure "full-time" turned out to be a usual marketing trick.

All-wheel drive of NX350 belongs to the well-known DTC (Dynamic Torque Control) type with an electromechanical coupling for rear wheel drive, and its only difference is the manufacturer's promise not to disengage the coupling completely in those modes where the standard DTC already disables the rear drive. To do this, Toyota used a reinforced multiplate clutch with increased resistance to overheating, the number of discs in the friction clutch was increased.

The transfer case for both variants is the same traditional GF1A. Rear differential units differ - usual FD13AE for NX250 and new FD15CE for NX350.

1 - electro magnetic control coupling, 2 - rear differential retainer, 3 - rear differential case, 4 - rear drive shaft, 5 - ring gear, 6 - pinion gear, 7 - side gear, 8 - rear differential carrier, 9 - rear drive pinion, 10 - 4WD linear solenoid

As is known, only a system with a center differential has the right to be called "full-time" all-wheel drive (which was even stated in the SAE J1952 standard - "front and rear axles are driven at all times through a center differential"). Systems with couplings ("secondary drive axle is driven by an active or passive coupling device"), regardless of the operating algorithms, as well as the electric drive of the second axle, are of the "on-demand AWD" type.

Toyota all-wheel drive. Review
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