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Toyota Models
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Toyota engines - M20 & A25 (upd.2022)
New info about EGR cooler leaks
4WD of Hijet models (new.2021)
History of Daihatsu/Toyota kei-car 4WD
AHC suspension (new Lexus LX) (new.2021)
Some differences of new AHC version
Toyota Hybrid - Transmissions line-up (new.2021)
Overview of Toyota/Lexus hybrid transmission series
Toyota Hybrid - Commercial vehicles (new.2021)
Overlook of Toyota/Hino hybrid trucks
Toyota AWD. Lexus NX350 (new.2021)
A little about the hoax of NX350 "full-time"
Toyota engines - T24A-FTS (new.2021)
Review of the new Toyota/Lexus turbo engine
Toyota diesel engines - F33A-FTV (new.2021)
Detailed review of new diesel for Land Cruiser 300
Toyota diesel engines - 1VD-FTV (new.2021)
Review of V8 diesel and its defects
Toyota diesel engines - 1ND-TV (new.2021)
Structure and defects of Toyota small diesel
Toyota engines - ZR series (upd.2021)
Upd. Common defects of ZR engines
Toyota engines - V35A-FTS (upd.2021)
Upd. Differences of Land Cruiser 300 engine
Toyota engines - SZ series (new.2021)
Review of Toyota/Daihatsu K3-VE, 2SZ-FE, 3SZ-VE engines
Toyota Multimode Manual Transmsission (new.2021)
Different types and common troubles
Toyota engines - 3S-FE (new.2021)
History of the best classic engine
Toyota Hybrid - THS-C (new.2021)
Some about Estima/Alphard Hybrid (1st gen.)
Toyota AWD. Land Cruiser 300 differentials (new.2021)
New TLC front/rear diffrential types
Toyota engines - NR series (upd.2021)
Upd. Common defects of 1NR-FE engines
Toyota Direct Shift-CVT (new.2021)
New generation of CVT (K120F) with launch gear
Toyota badge engineering (new.2021)
Identical models of cooperated brands
Toyota diesel - GD series (upd.2021)
Update - mods of the version that boosted to 200hp
Toyota engines - M15 Dynamic Force (new.2020)
Detailed overview of the new inline-3 engines
Toyota engines - G16E-GTS (new.2020)
Overview of the new sporty engine for GR Yaris
Subaru engines - CB18 (new.2020)
Brief look at Subaru new engine
RAV4 V. Mega-review (upd.2021)
Non-flattering review of RAV4 gen.V
Fluids and Capacities (upd.2022)
Continuously updated guide with the manufacturer's recommendations