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Toyota-Club.Net - is a non-profit informational project, which focused on Toyota cars maintenance and repair. It was created with the purpose of experience exchange and consulting.

The first version of the website launched in 2001. In 2005 Toyota-Club.Net project started.

This is the large digest combined information from open sources with a large number of own exclusive articles and data.

• The project does not belong to Toyota Motor Co. or any of its representatives.
• All trademarks are property of their owners.
• The rights to reading materials belong to their authors. Author's style and spelling in most cases retained.
• The site contains materials that express opinions which may not coincide with the common beliefs.
• Cooperation is possible with straight advertisers.
• Full or partial copying of TCN project exclusive materials without reference to the source (https://toyota-club.net) is unacceptable.
• E-mail for all questions related editorial policy - mail@toyota-club.net.