Technical data: Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Pre-crash safety system



C1A47 Steering Angle Sensor
C1A48 G Sensor
C1A4B Stop Light Relay Circuit
C1A50 Brake System Malfunction
C1A62 Brake Control Signal Malfunction
C1A63 Other System Malfunction
C1AA0 Front Camera Module Circuit
C1AA3 Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit
C1AA4 Yaw Rate Sensor Circuit
C1AA5 Yaw Rate Sensor Power Supply Voltage Circuit
C1AA8 Front Camera Module Incorrect Axial Gap
C1AA9 Front Camera Module Beam Axis Not Adjusted
C1AAA FCM Destination Information Uninitialized
C1AAF Heater Activation Relay Open
U0100 Lost Communication with ECM / PCM A
U0123 Lost Communication with Yaw Rate Sensor Module
U0126 Lost Communication With Steering Angle Sensor Module
U0129 Lost Communication with Brake System Control Module
U0155 Lost Communication with Combination Meter
U023A Lost Communication with Front Camera Module    2021