Technical data: Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Smart Key - Entry



B2271 Ignition Hold Monitor Malfunction
B2274 ACC Monitor Malfunction
B2277 Detecting Vehicle Submersion
B2278 Engine/Power Switch Malfunction
B2282 Vehicle Speed Signal Malfunction
B2283 Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction
B2284 Brake Signal Malfunction
B2285 Steering Lock Position Signal Circuit Malfunction
B2286 Runnable Signal Malfunction
B228B System Voltage or GND Energization Malfunction
B2779 Engine Starter Communication Malfunction
B2781 Open / Short in Steering Lock ECU
B2782 Power Source Control ECU Malfunction
B2784 Antenna Coil Open / Short
B2788 IG2 Signal Malfunction
B278A Short to GND in Immobiliser System Power Source Circuit
B278D Malfunction of ID-BOX Recognition
B279986 Engine Immobiliser System Signal (Some Circuit Quantity, Reported via Serial Data) Invalid
B279A12 Engine Immobiliser System Circuit Short to Battery
B279C95 Engine Immobiliser System Incorrect Assembly
B27A5 Open in Front Floor Electrical Key Oscillator Circuit
B27A6 Open in Rear Floor Electrical Key Oscillator Circuit
P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction (NE Signal)
U0100 Lost Communication with ECM / PCM
U0140 Lost Communication with Main Body ECU
U0142 Lost Communication with Main Body ECU
U0155 Lost Communication with Combination Meter    2021