Technical data: Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Stop and Start system



B22C0BBC Overcurrent
P0335Engine Speed Sensor Circuit (NE Circuit)
P0562System Voltage Low
P0607Control Module Performance
P060AInternal Control Module Monitoring Processor Performance
P060BAnalog to Digital Converter Malfunction
P0617Starter Relay Circuit High
P062FInternal Control Module EEPROM Error
P0942Hydraulic Pressure Unit
P1538Circuit Malfunction between AT Oil Pump and Stop and Start ECU
P1539AT Oil Pump
P1545Starter Maintenance
P1589G Sensor Zero Point Calibration Incomplete
P1603Engine Stall History
P161DStarter Delay Circuit
P1644ECU Internal Error
P1780Discrepancy between Neutral Position SW and Shift Position
P2531Ignition Switch Run Position Circuit Low
P323BBackup Boost Converter
P33B3External BBC Circuit
U0100Lost Communication with ECM / PCM A
U0121Lost Communication with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Control Module
U0126Lost Communication with Steering Angle Sensor Module
U0131Lost Communication with Power Steering Control Module
U0140Lost Communication with J/B ECU
U0151Lost Communication with SRS Airbag ECU
U0164Lost Communication with HVAC Control Module
U1110Lost Communication with Clearance Sonar Module    2021