Technical data: Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Electronically Controlled Brake



C1201 Engine Control System Malfunction
C1224 NE Signal Circuit
C1225 SA1 Solenoid Circuit
C1226 SA2 Solenoid Circuit
C1227 SA3 Solenoid Circuit
C1228 STR Solenoid Circuit
C1231 Steering Angle Sensor Circuit
C1234 Yaw Rate Sensor
C1237 Speed Sensor Rotor Faulty
C1241 Low or High Power Supply Voltage
C1246 Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor
C1249 Open Circuit in Stop Light Switch Circuit
C1288 Error in Matching of ECUs
C1300 Skid Control ECU Malfunction
C1330 Open Circuit in Right Front Speed Sensor Circuit
C1331 Open Circuit in Left Front Speed Sensor Circuit
C1332 Open Circuit in Right Rear Speed Sensor Circuit
C1333 Open Circuit in Left Rear Speed Sensor Circuit
C1336 Zero Point Calibration of Deceleration Sensor undone
C1380 Stop Light Relay Malfunction
C1381 Abnormal Power Supply Voltage in Yaw Rate and/or Deceleration Sensor
C1417 IG1 Voltage Supply too High
C1419 Deceleration Sensor Internal Circuit
C1420 Malfunction in Deceleration Sensor
C1425 Open in Stop Light Switch Circuit
C1426 Stop Switch OFF Stuck
C1428 Motor Circuit
C1432 Steering Angle Sensor Power Source Voltage
C1433 Steering Angle Sensor Internal Circuit
C1434 Steering Angle Sensor Output
C1435 Yaw Rate Sensor Internal Circuit
C1436 Malfunction in Yaw Rate Sensor
C1439 Steering Angle Sensor Initialization Incomplete
C1445 Vehicle Driven with Steering Angle Sensor not Initialized
C1448 Yaw Rate Sensor Output Value Malfunction
C1464 Front Speed Sensor RH Circuit
C1465 Front Speed Sensor LH Circuit
C1466 Rear Speed Sensor RH Circuit
C1467 Rear Speed Sensor LH Circuit
C1468 SFR Solenoid Circuit
C1469 SFL Solenoid Circuit
C146A SRR Solenoid Circuit
C146B SRL Solenoid Circuit
C146C Open Circuit in ABS Motor Relay Circuit
C146E Open Circuit in ABS Solenoid Relay Circuit
C1472 Deceleration Sensor
C1474 Forward and Rearward G Sensor
C147D Air Bag Circuit
U0073 Control Module Communication Bus Off
U0100 Lost Communication With ECM/PCM A
U0123 Lost Communication With Yaw Rate Sensor Module
U0126 Lost Communication With Steering Angle Sensor Module
U0142 Lost Communication with Body Control Module B
U0151 Lost Communication With Restraints Control Module    2021