Technical data: location of fuses

Toyota Avensis 250e (2003-2009)


mod. 05.2006 SV

Engine room fuse box / Instrument panel fuse box




1SPARE15 ASpare fuses
2SPARE10 ASpare fuses
3SPARE7.5 ASpare fuses
4AM230 AStarting system, fuses "IGN" and "ST"
5DCC30 A"ECU-B 2", "DOME" and "ROW NO.2"
6EFI20 AFuel injection system, EFI NO.1 and EFI NO.2 fuses
7IG215 AStarting system, Fuel injection system
8ALT-S7.5 ACharging system
9HAZARD10 AWarning lights
10HORN15 ASignal horn
11ETCS10 AStarting system
12A/F20 AFuel injection system
14EFI NO.27.5 AExhaust gas purification system
15EFI NO.110 AFuel injection system
17SPARE20 ASpare fuses
18SPARE10 ASpare fuses
19SPARE7.5 ASpare fuses
20ALT-S7.5 ACharging system
21DCC30 AFuses "ECU-B 2", "DOME" and "ROW NO.2"
22AM230 AStarting systems, fuses "IGN" and "ST"
23HAZARD10 AWarning lights
24F-HTR25 AFuel heater
25HORN15 ASignal horn
26EFI20 AFuel injection system, exhaust purification system
27PWR HTR25 AInterior heater
28H-LP HI LH10 ALeft headlamp (main beam)
29H-LP HI RH10 ARight headlamp (main beam)
30H-LP LH15 ALeft headlight (low beam)
31H-LP RH15 ARight headlight (low beam)
32IGN10 AInstruments and gauges, airbag systems, Fuel injection system, starter systems
33S / ROOF20 AElectric sunroof
34RR FOG7.5 AFog light, rear
35FR FOG15 AFront fog light, front fog indicator light
36AM125 AFuses for starter system, "CIG" and "RAD NO.1"
37PANEL7.5 AMulti-information display, instrument panel lighting, electronically controlled automatic transmission, glovebox lighting, headlight washer, hazard warning lights, instruments and meters, stabilization systems
38RR WIP20 ARear window wipers and washers
39GAUGE27.5 AReversing light, headlamp height adjustment, hazard warning lights
40CIG15 ACigarette lighter
41HTR10 ASeat heater, air conditioning
42ROW NO.17.5 ANavigation system, multi-information display sound system, electric control of rear-view mirrors, integration relay, electrical sockets, instruments and meters
43TAIL10 AParking lights, rear lights, license plate lighting, luggage compartment lighting, cargo space lighting, automatic height adjustment of headlights, front fog lights, rear fog lights, gauges
44OBD27.5 ASelf-diagnosis system
45P/POINT15 AElectrical outlet
46DOOR25 ACentral locking system
47WIP25 AWindscreen wipers and washers, headlight washers
48ECU-IG7.5 AElectric cooling fans, charging systems, ABS brakes, electric motor-driven power steering, stabilization systems
49S-HTR20 ASeat heating
50GAUGE110 ASwitch module, multi-information display, integration relay, instrument and meter, electrically heated windscreen wipers, electrically heated rear window, automatically controlled gear lock, parking brake, automatic transmission, rearview mirror with automatic diffuser
51STOP15 AAutomatic gear lock, brake light, high mounted brake light, ABS brakes fuel injection system
52DEF I/UP7.5 AAir conditioning
53ST7.5 AFuel injection system, multi-information display, starting system
54MIR HTR10 AElectrically heated exterior mirrors
55ROW NO.215 AMulti-information display, sound system, navigation system
56DOME7.5 AFront lighting and reading lamps, entrance lighting, instruments and meters, luggage compartment lighting, cargo space lighting, make-up mirror lighting, rear reading lamps, ignition lighting
57ECU-B 27.5 ARemote control, air conditioning system
58A/F15 ADPNR (Diesel Particulate NOx Reduction system)
59P-RR P/W20 AElectric window lifts
60P-FR P/W20 AElectric window lifts
61D-RR P/W20 AElectric window lifts
62D-FR P/W20 AElectric window lifts
63ECU-B 17.5 A-
64FUEL OPN10 AOpening the fuel filler flap
65FR DIC20 AFuse for electrically heated windscreen wiper and "MIR HTR"
66CDS30 ARadiator fans
67RDI40/30 A Radiator fans
68HTR40 AAir conditioning
69RR DEF30 AElectrically heated rear window
70MAIN40 AFuses for headlamps, "H-LP HI LH", "H-LP HI RH", "H-LP LH" and "H-LP RH"
71EMPS50 AElectric power steering
72AM1 NO.150 AFuses for "PWR SEAT", "FR DIC", "FUEL OPN", "ECU-B 1", "P-RR P / W", "P-FR P / W" , "D-RR P / W" and "D-FR P / W"
73H/CLN30 AHeadlight washer
74HTR40 AAir conditioning
75CDS30 ARadiator fan
77RR DEF30 AElectrically heated rear window
78MAIN40 AFuses for headlamps, "H-LP HI LH", "H-LP HI RH", "H-LP LH" and "H-LP RH"
79HTR150 AAir conditioning
80HTR250 AAir conditioning
81PWR SEAT30 AElectrically adjustable chair
82PWR SEAT30 AElectrically adjustable seat
83RDI40 ARadiator fans
84H-LP CLN30 AHeadlight washer
85AM1 NO.150 AFuses for PWR SEAT, FR DIC, FUEL OPN, ECU-B 1, P-RR P / W, P-FR P / W , D-RR P / W and D-FR P / W
86-40 AABS, VSC
87ALT100/120 AFuses for AM1 NO.1, H-LP CLN , ABS (25 A), VSC (25 A), ABS (40 A), VSC (50 A), CDS , RDI , HTR (10 A), RR DEF, RR FOG, FR FOG, AM1, DOOR, STOP, OBD2, S / ROOF, PWR SEAT, P / POINT, TAIL , PA-NEL , RR WIP , ECU-IG , WIP , GAUGE2 , GAUGE1 , HTR (40 A) and S-HTR
88GLOW80 AEngine glow system
89ALT140 AFuses for GLOW, HTR1, HTR2, RDI, ABS (25 A), VSC (25 A), ABS (40 A), VSC (50A), CDS, AM1 NO.1, H / CLN,HTR (10 A), RR FOG, FR FOG,AM1, DOOR, STOP, OBD2,S / ROOF, PWR SEAT, P / POINT,TAIL, PANEL, RR WIP, ECU-IG,WIP, GAUGE2, GAUGE1, HTR(40 A) and S-HTR1  ©  2021
Genuine Toyota Owner’s Manuals used. Translated by Toyota-Club.Net